Army Protection For Malayan Tigers

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The Malayan tiger is Malaysia’s official animal and is a national wildlife treasure. It’s one of the big cat species in our rainforests and loves to swim and hunt for sambar deers.

In the 1950’s, there was an estimation population of 3,000 Malayan tigers. As human development and greed for wildlife consumption grow, that takes a toll on our animals. Right now, there are fewer than 250 Malayan tigers left. Their declining numbers are linked to deforestation and most horrifyingly, poaching. 

Without our Malayan tigers, the ecosystem would be affected dramatically. It would lose an apex predator and this alters the food chain. Tigers play an important role in controlling the population of our ungulates like the sambar deers. A future without our tigers would be sad. 

Nepal succeeded doubling their Bengal tiger with the help of soldiers. Sign this petition and urge better army protection from the Malaysia’s Ministry of Defence. Strategic measures must be taken against the war on poachers. We need hope, strength and we need our Malayan tigers. #2000Askar