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Enable Displaced Families Due To Hurricane Sandy To Occupy Foreclosed Homes

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 Enable Displaced Families Due To Hurricane Sandy To Occupy Foreclosed Homes

Our neighbors have lost their homes and businesses. Thousands of others are currently stranded not knowing where to turn next. Our friends and neighbors have become displaced evacuees along the battered Northeast and are currently trying to overcome the devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy. We all are trying to help where we can. Many of my neighbors are reaching into their pockets and donating where they can; even while they sit in the dark without electricity and heat. I have also recently volunteered at the local shelter, along with my 2 daughters – off loading thousands of supplies that came in from families just like mine. I met a woman that was soaking wet and in tears, following the rescue from the 2nd floor of her home. She somberly exclaimed “Where will we go? Where will we live? How will I be able to give my children Thanksgiving and Christmas? It’s all gone! Everything!”

Then it came to me. As I looked within my own neighborhood, I realized that aside from the fallen trees and downed power lines –there were so many uninhabited foreclosed homes that are going to waste. How many foreclosed homes do we have on the Jersey Shore? Another thought, could Fort Monmouth be used as housing facility? What a miracle it would be if these homes were opened up for these displaced families to find comfort and warmth; while they wait for their plans to go into action with the help of FEMA and Insurance companies.

We have identified a serious problem, and now we can all attempt be part of the solution! This is a great idea if I can only find the right people to listen. This will take the unified voice of everyone that signs this petition and moves our agenda forward.

Let’s turn on the LIGHTS in these empty homes and TURN ON THE LIGHT of hope in the hearts of families that are currently suffering!!!

Dear Banking Industry, Governor Chris Christie, and President Barack Obama - you are holding on to thousands of foreclosed homes in New Jersey, specifically along the Jersey Shore. These homes have been sitting with no occupants for months if not years. Consider the humanitarian message that could be sent if these homes were offered to the displaced homeowners and evacuees of Hurricane Sandy rent free for up to 6 months as a place of comfort, a place to spend the coming holiday season, and a place to call home while they rebuild, recover, revive, and restore!!! It would be a perfect starting place for these wonderful families to begin again!

Thank You for Hearing Me and Helping Me bring Humanity and Selflessness to our beautiful state!


Love Peace Gratitude,
Michelle Leonard

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