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The French schoolboard that shares territory with the English Montreal Schoolboard (EMSB) has asked the EMSB to provide much needed class room space for the growing French sector.  The EMSB has offered up a building, the Galileo Adult Centre, to the French board even though it was not on the list of buildings requested by them.  To protect the schools that were on the list, the EMSB has thought to offer Galileo.  This will put at risk the incredibly valuable and scarcely available programs for special needs adults.  The EMSB has embarked on secret talks with the French board to make this a fait accompli, rather than follow the law that requires consultation with stakeholders.  We demand that the EMSB withdraw Galileo from the negotiations and treat these vulnerable adult students with respect and not as disposable people.  The EMSB will be discussing the matter Wednesday April 10,2019 at 7:30pm 6000 Fielding ave,Mtl.Qc .. H3Z 1T4 .. bring your friends and family to voice your opinion....




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