Save Green! Save life!

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Have you ever stopped to look at your surroundings? Have you ever asked yourself just how this came to be? The NASA has captured planet Earth year after year from space. Have you seen them? Year after year, less GREEN, more GREY. Why do we even need green? Well, being plants produce our main source of oxygen, we depend on nature for all the air we have breathed, ever.
Green also composes some of our main food sources, like fruits and vegetables. It provides us shade, oxygen, vitamins and LIFE. Nature is our strongest and most primordial source of life., after all, we are all her children.

Deforestation, pollution and industrialization are responsible for poisoning and killing of our natural resources at astonishing rates. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself: What can I do? How can I put an end to this? Simple, you can plant a seed of Life. Beyond signing this petition, you can help the environment in countless ways. From using less water, reducing your use of plastics, saving energy, recycling to joining clean-up groups to reduce waste at your local forest, beach or park. Even picking up a piece of trash from the street creates momentum. So many options to chose from and you’re still not convinced? Perhaps you see the problem as bigger than yourself, beyond your reach to make a change. But that my friends, is why we’re here. We are all sharing life on the same planet and that’s the way it’s been since the beginning of time. Our children and grandchildren will also live all the days of their lives in the same planet. Pretty simple logic. Now, let's take good care of it.

Let's take care of nature, the environment and all sources of life. Let's make the planet green again! It's up the open minds, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists and poets. It only takes yourself to start a movement, to make a change. Let’s promote and build a green empire on this ground again. To build more GREEN and less dirt. This is our home and will always be our home. Educate yourself and those around you. It's important to realize look deeper and analyze the changes our planet is experiencing. Let’s start treating it like a living being. Many of us have been growing sick and so many species died and become extinguished. And many more will follow the same path if we don’t take action now.

Many studies reveal that if we continue like this, we’ll see a significant decrease in the planet’s health. Twenty years from now or perhaps even less, more species will leave us, the atmosphere will become weaker, temperatures will change, we’ll see even worse natural disasters, more fire, more drought, acidic oceans and rivers. Life itself is in deep danger of being obliterated.

We can make the change. As a motivator and potential solution, I bring this movement and call on all who feel the call to join us in our journey of carrying the word GREEN forward and not backward. To take action and initiative in all areas we envision, to plant more trees, more plants, to clean, recycle and change our lifestyle.

Let's plant in a million colors!