NOTA( None Of The Above) Option should be given more powers in Upcoming election

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"NOTA" or 'None of the Above' has been provided as an option to the voters of India in most elections. Through the usage of NOTA, a citizen can choose not to vote for any candidates who are contesting the elections.

However, NOTA in India does not guarantee dismissal of the winning candidate. Therefore, it’s only a method to give a negative feedback. NOTA does not hold any electoral value even if the maximum votes are for NOTA, the candidate with maximum vote share will still be the winner.

The purpose and advantage of NOTA has been defeated as the winner will be the candidate who receives the second highest number of votes, even if NOTA receives the highest number of votes.

Hence, "NOTA is a positive step", while "it does not go far enough". NOTA is considered a "waste of vote", "merely cosmetic", "a symbolic instrument to express resentment" , voters expressing their "disenchantment with the existing political system" and possibly "a mere decoration".

Therefore NOTA must be given more powers. There should be some improvement in provisions, like :-

1. If NOTA receives the highest number of votes, re-elections should be held in that constituency
2. If the votes received by NOTA is higher than a certain percent, re-election to be held
3. When conducting re-elections, the NOTA button may be disabled to avoid a series of re-elections
4. Political parties that lose to NOTA to bear the cost of re-election
5. The candidates who lose to NOTA should not be allowed to contest elections for a defined period of time (for example, 6 years)
6. Candidates receiving votes less than NOTA to be disqualified to contest any election in future, even in constituencies where NOTA might not have got maximum votes
7. To conduct re-election, if the votes polled for NOTA is higher than the winning margin of votes.