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Empower American Workers: Support the Employee Free Choice Act


The rollback of the American Dream has gone too far. Extremists are turning American workers into wage slaves by attacking their rights to organize and bargain for a fair deal. But anti-worker overreach has sparked a backlash and the public is rallying behind American workers. We must seize the moment.  Help empower American workers: support the Employee Free Choice Act.

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U.S. Senate
National polls are showing a shift in public support toward empowered American workers. The outrageous assaults on the rights of public workers in Wisconsin and beyond have sparked an outpouring of support from ordinary Americans.

The time has never been better to start a national discussion about the role of unions in building middle class prosperity. It’s no coincidence that the middle class is collapsing while the labor movement declines. It’s no coincidence that income inequality is skyrocketing and social mobility has nearly halted while our unions are under siege. The labor movement helped build the American middle class and the decline of American workers is the decline of the American Dream.

It's time to restore the American Dream by empowering American workers to organize and bargain for a fair deal. We urge you to empower American workers and support the Employee Free Choice Act.

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