Employment policies for working moms/single moms.

Employment policies for working moms/single moms.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Dalenny Jimenez

2022 there are a LOT of broken families!

there are a lot of us single mother struggling to try to make it through with dead beat as kids fathers.

We work very hard! But when we have little to no help at all, it because extremely unfair that we have to struggle and be put under the same policies at a job as a single guy living at mommy’s house and being late every day because he is simply staying up too late playing video games.

or a 21 year old who just started to work and all the money goes to fashion and clubbing on the weekends.


We as single mother go through a lot! And EVERYONE acts as if they didn’t see their mom struggling to make ends meet. 
yes a lot didn’t see that.. but one is more than enough.

I am going to be that voice with this I am making it easier on us single mother or Mother’s that work, and are… Mother’s. The hardest job there is in life! Yet the best and most rewarding. But it doesn’t mean we don’t need help! We need our own policy in place! We need to be looked at differently! We need our own! We are the reason for humanity! We are the reason we are alive today! 

if si le mother are given their own policy it will benefit the kids more than anything! Aren’t kids the “future of this world”? 

moms stress about work. Kids feel it.

moms cry about work.

moms suffer from depression.

Mother’s feel like they not doing anything right and at times feel like throwing in the towel.

im about to lose my job, all because I have kids. But they have it in a policy with everyone else and it makes it “legal” this could be illegal! Given the circumstances!


im strong and I can only imagine the Mother’s that aren’t as strong minded as I am. Yet I am weak as it comes!

I wont shut up, I wont give up! My voice will be heard!

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!