Employee Bill of Rights and fair growing act

Employee Bill of Rights and fair growing act

September 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Charles McConnell
  • Teddy Roosevelt:We believe in the principle of a living wage. We hold that it is ruinous for all our people if some of our people are forced to subsist on a wage such that body and soul alike are stunted. (Century, October 1913.) Mem. Ed. XIX, 543; Nat. Ed. XVII, 400
  • Tipped income shall hence forth be banned in the United States of America, no employer may pay less than the highest minimum wage available wether federal/state/city based.
  • All employers shall institute non tipping policy's.
  • All employers shall hence forth be required to provide health and dental insurance to it's employees, at no more than 15% of said employees monthly income or not too exceed $200 per month for a single individual. An additional $100 per covered party may be charged, not to exceed a monthly maximum of $400. This initiative shall not be used or directed at small businesses with 20 employees or less.
  • Further more all health and dental insurance agencies/corporations/entity's shall be required by law to provide insurance policies at or below the above stated pricing. Failure or refusal from any health or dental insurance agencies/corporations/entity's shall result in the revocation of all licensing to sell or distribute insurance within the United States of America and it's territories. 
  • All native plants, or non gm species shall hence forth be legal to own/grow/consume.
  • All sales of medicinal plants shall be legalized, no government entity shall at any point deny/criminalize the sale or distrabution of any non gene edited or native plants.
  • Any and all criminal charges associated with medicinal native or non gm plant growing/transportation/selling shall be expunged from record immediately both at state and federal levels.
  • Any rightful citizen who is actively detained due to medicinal native/non invasive/non gm plants or products shall be released immediately. 
  • Additionally no employer "including federal" may deny employment or fire a current employee for outside/off duty use of any native/non invasive/non gm plant.
  • No employer may fire a employee for necessary use while at work, so long as there is proper medical need documented by a physician. As well the use shall not endanger the public, or interfere with the employees responsibilities.

I wish to remind everyone reading this

Alcohol is a poison and causes liver damage/fetal deformation/fetal death [legal]

Cigarettes contain poison and cause cancer/birth defects/death [legal]

I ask you to question why tipped employees make 2.13 hr in most states

I also ask you why we have legalized clearly and scientifically toxic substances. While outlawing medicinal plants that have been used for longer than the United States of America has existed.

Please sign today, stop the inequality

Stop the madness 

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Signatures: 16Next Goal: 25
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