Open Up Private Recreational Motorcycle & ATV Areas In NY

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Riding off-road motorcycles and ATVs is a source of recreation for tens of thousands of NY State citizens and families.  It is also a source of income for a number of private businesses and not-for-profit clubs in NY State.  It also happens to be the recreational activity or sport most likely to be able to follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC, WHO and local authorities.  This sport requires participants to wear helmets, distancing is a natural by-product of the activity, and there is no need for human contact at the facilities themselves.  Of all recreational activities available to NY state residents, off-road vehicles at private facilities would pose the least risk to spreading the Covid-19 to participants.  We ask that these facilities be allowed to open under strict conditions of social distancing, contact-less registration and the closing of any public gathering areas at the facilities.

Some of the businesses that are negatively impacted by the closure of these facilities include: Powersports Dealerships, Gas Station, Private Track Owners, Non-Profit Riding Clubs, Powersports Service Shops, Riding Accessory Shops and more.