Irish Dance downgrade from high risk to a low risk sport.

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I am speaking for the many New York based Irish dancers who have been negatively affected by restrictions placed on their sport due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Irish dance has been categorized under "High Risk"  as Competitive Dance/Cheer.

See Guidelines:

Based on the above referenced guidelines, Irish dance is closer to the LOW RISK sports such as Individual Running or Individual Swimming.  Irish dancers don't even wave their arms about!  

While Irish dance is both a solo and team sport (in normal healthy times), since the pandemic restrictions have been implemented, the team dancing (ceili) has been completely halted.  At this time, any competition would involve two dancers at most  on a stage split in half by tape - each dancer has their half of the stage.  They would not even cross paths. Individual Irish dance competitions are in no way comparable to competitive team dance or cheer. The dancers have zero physical contact or close proximity to other dancers. 

Some bold and hopeful people have tried to organize outdoor feisianna (to the joy of many dancers and families) taking great care to implement policies and procedures to allow for a safe and healthy event.  Mandating social distance, masks, specially built stage sets, timing of events to allow for further social distance. Because of the guidelines and where Irish dance has been listed, they have had to cancel the events after threats of shut downs from concerned and uninformed parties.

We, the proud Irish dancers and families, do not want to spread this dreaded virus...but we feel our dancers can compete safely in a low risk environment. We implore you to help us correctly categorize this sport.  

Many thanks!