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Empathy & Treatment Instead of Criminal Records for OD and Mental Illness

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The steady rise of the heroin epidemic has us all wondering, what can we do to help the people in need?

Many people have recommended criminalizing overdoses, but I think there is a better solution. Many victims of addiction have an underlying psychological condition. Abuse of drugs or alcohol is a psychological condition in and of itself. So, why isn’t there more free and low-cost help for those in need?

This petition suggests that psychological help and treatment become more readily available for those who suffer from alcohol and drug addition, regardless of the drug. Specifically, I am recommending mandatory rehab and psychological treatment for sufferers of drug and alcohol abuse. The issue is that friends and family currently cannot admit an unwilling person to treatment. Therefore, I propose that any individual that overdoses (regardless of the drug) or suffers from a medical condition that is either due to or agitated by their addiction be admitted to a rehab or psychological treatment program, regardless of their willingness.

These people need help. And, sometimes it’s difficult or impossible for people to realize how deep their addiction has affected their quality of life, as well as others.  Rather than penalize these individuals, let’s get them help. Ultimately, this will help the community and reduce costs for drugs like Narcan and other programs that are a temporary solution to a life-long struggle. 

Thank you for reading, and in advance for your participation!

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