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Charging 10 Dollars For Enotional Support?

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We all feel down once in a while. It affects us all. Sometimes it gets really bad. A website I used to always go to was Emotional Baggage Check. You have the ability to either "Check" a bag or "carry" your bag. Checking is where you write about your problems or something that is wrong and hurting you. Then, people can use the "carry" option to carry your bag by writing a response for you with advice and kindness to make you feel better. Then one day, I needed EBC's love and kindness desperately. Depression and loneliness haunt me and EBC really helped. So I went to the site but the thing about Emotional Baggage Check is that it can take up to days for a reply. Days. So then I saw a new option. The EBC Doves. I read over their program. It was for people who needed help ASAP. You would get a kind response in under 48 hours and have the ability to give a reply and then get a follow up. It sounded good. I scrolled down only to find that it costed $9.99. Emotional Baggage Check is quite literally trying to make money out of other people's misfortunes. What if you don't have the money and that is what's stressing you out? If you ever need serious emotional help, do you want to have to pay $9.99 for it? This was painful to read and I can imagine that a hopeful person like myself would come to the Doves hoping for someone who really cares and understands, and end up feeling worse because of this. This needs to stop. My wish is that EBC would either make service from the Doves free, or remove the service entirely. It's selfish of a company to do this. So I'm asking for your help to make this happen. We live in a world where mental illnesses are a big deal and affect a lot of us. Let's make a big step and make our resources the best they can possibly be. 

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