Water Quality at Oxford College of Emory University

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An overwhelming concern expressed by the students of Oxford to the Student Concerns and Communications Committee is the poor water quality across all RES Halls, especially Murdy and Elizer (often coming out of the tap white with sediment). Results of tests conducted by the water utility and provided to the Environmental Working Group (http://bit.ly/2FE3A0E) by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, along with information from EPA databases, show that Oxford tap water followed federal health-based drinking water standards in September 2017; however, 6 carcinogenic contaminants – with chloroform making the list – were detected all with levels above health guidelines and in some cases even double the national average.

Covington and the Newton County Water System are Oxford’s original water suppliers, both holding levels of contaminants similar to Oxford’s. There is nothing we can do on the supplier’s side to fix this issue, but there are various solutions we could implement to improve the student’s satisfaction with water on campus. Installing faucet-mounted filters in common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms would truly make a difference in student’s quality of life and give us peace of mind when trying to stay hydrated.

The Student Concerns and Communications Committee calls upon Emory University to meet us halfway to create feasible solutions to this egregious issue.