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Petition for Emory University to Take Disciplinary Action Against Dr. Chris Eagle

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Dr. Chris Eagle of Emory's Human Health Department threatened to call Emory campus police on Dorcas Adedoja, a black student of gender non-conforming experience, this morning because they were sitting in a classroom 2 minutes before his class started. Last week Dr. Eagle yelled Dorcas to leave the same room at around 11:55AM even though Dorcas was there because they were submitting an exam they had in the same room the class before. Dr. Eagle was so loud his other students that were trickling in stopped their conversations and stared at what was going on. Dorcas left quickly after submitting their exam and telling him his class started in 3 minutes because they were startled at why he was being so aggressive right off the bat. Dorcas’ class ends at 11:50 and his starts at 12:00PM. His excuse was he needs time to "set up", but he was doing that on a computer up front while Dorcas was sitting down minding their business in a corner. Scariest part? He's a bioethics professor in the Human Health Department. A bioethics professor who thinks threatening to call campus police on a black gender non-conforming student sitting quietly in a classroom is okay. He also said it's a university rule that a classroom belongs to a professor 10 minutes before their class begins. No other professor has confirmed this. When Dorcas told him he was abusing his power by threatening to call the police he told Dorcas to ask any of his students if they would agree that he is. Dorcas decided to not only ask students, but the general public. If you believe threatening to call the police in this scenario was an extreme abuse of power. Please sign the petition below.  

All this comes off of Dorcas having to file 2 discrimination complaints against faculty and staff this semester before November hit (bringing Dorcas’ grand total of complaints filed to 4 in the span of 3 1/2 years). Dorcas’ total record with complaints is 3-1-0; therefore, it is clear they have demonstrated capability to discern what faculty misconduct looks like. Please sign below so this can be presented to Emory University in order for disciplinary action to be taken against Dr. Eagle as his actions were unacceptable and could have put Dorcas in grave danger.

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