Make Alta Gracia a Certified Vendor at Emory

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Alta Gracia Apparel is an exception among an industry that is notorious for labor abuses. Located in the Dominican Republic, Alta Gracia is the only garment factory known to pay a "living wage", over three-times the minimum wage in the DR, enabling its workers to provide their families with a pathway out of poverty. In addition to the salary, the company maintains excellent health and safety standards and allows workers the right to form a union. The Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), verifies Alta Gracia’s compliance with these standards through intensive on-the-ground monitoring of the factory. 

As part of a Social Enterprise class in the Goizueta Business School, we visited Alta Gracia and got to experience first-hand the effects the company has had on the community. Alta Gracia's workers are now able to provide nutritional food, decent housing, adequate health care, transportation and education for themselves and their children. But this shouldn't be impressive - it should be the standard. 

Collegiate apparel makes up the majority of Alta Gracia’s production with customers including New York University, Notre Dame and Stanford. Some of Alta Gracia’s merchandise is sold in the Emory University bookstore. However, we want to help Alta Gracia further by making it a certified supplier at Emory University. This way, Emory will be able to buy apparel from Alta Gracia for its clubs and events. Let's help Alta Gracia remain competitive! 

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For more information on Alta Gracia, I encourage you to read this New York Times article:
Factory Defies Sweatshop Label, but Can It Thrive?

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