Get S.A.N.E trained nurses at Emory University Hospitals

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Dear Emory Community,

It has come to our attention that Emory University’s student body has not been equipped with adequate resources on campus to address issues of sexual assault. Namely, many students are unaware that Emory University Hospital does not have SANE trained nurses to help the students, staff, and faculty of Emory’s campus in certain cases of sexual assault. SANE nurses are registered nurses who have completed specialized education and clinical preparation in the medical and forensic care of a patient who has experience sexual assault or abuse. It is imperative, as Emory continues to be known as one of the top healthcare providers and elite universities in the U.S., that our school lives up to its name and provides adequate care and support for sexual assault survivors on our campus.

As students, this is our chance to stand with sexual assault survivors and advocate for SANE trained nurses at Emory University Hospital. Currently, if a student is in need of a medical examination following a sexual assault, they are directed towards DeKalb Medical Center. DeKalb’s distance from campus can serve as a barrier to receiving care and act as a deterrent to some survivors. Students and staff should be able to receive appropriate medical care for this issue from EUH, since it is directly associated with and located on our campus. However, Emory University Hospital has previously given the response that because there is not enough student demand for SANE trained nurses, their administration has not perceived a need to invest in this service. This is our chance to show that there is not only support from Emory students on this issue, but an urgent demand.

We urge you to sign this petition and share this statement the Emory community supports and demands S.A.N.E. trainings for nurses at Emory.

In solidarity and action,

Emory College Taskforce on the Prevention of Interpersonal Violence

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