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We heard you and we have seen what has been going on. 

Today it is outrageous that I have to ask you to sign this petition so that the slave market in Libya possibly stops. It has to. We have to teach these sellers and person in charge that humans nowadays are together and are not going to give up on each other. This is not normal and we all know it. Let's make a change and make these migrants' lives better! They are sold! SOLD! Can you even digest the thought of selling someone? Doesn't it make you sick? We have to stand together in order to make a change. It may not alarm these monsters, these sellers but it does alarm us so we have to make a move. When terrorist attacks happen in the EU or the US, the heads of the states will fly to the country right away and do their best but when it comes to Africa or under developed countries, suddenly nobody is there.

Let's stand together as one. These people who are being sold are your brothers! We have power, today in 2017 but solely if we all do something. Please sign this petition or another petition regarding this issue so we can try to solve this problem. Make them see you're revolted! Signatures are up. I believe in each and every one of you.


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