Revert the Canberra Bus Timetables to Pre-Tram Construction!

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The problem with the newly introduced bus timetable coinciding with the commencement of the Canberra Light Rail system is that it has cut many routes off completely and structured them around light rail too much, resulting in inconvenient commutes taking up to more than half an hour longer and involving many more transfers. Several school bus services have been scrapped completely, making commutes for children to attend school increasingly precarious as they must cross busy roads during peak traffic and wait even earlier, in the early hours of the morning with a harsh winter waiting ahead of us this year. This also does not benefit the high population of the elderly residing within Canberra, or those with mobility-related disabilities. Walking distances between bus stops and suburban homes has further increased too, which exerts our elderly population to a concerning amount of travel by foot for their age and possible health conditions. Furthermore, public transport in the Southside has been crippled, as moving out of the area towards the northern parts of Canberra (i.e. Woden, Civic, Belconnen, Gungahlin) has become even more tedious as more services have been scrapped - and not to mention the fact that the light rail does not even run in our half of the town. It is needless to say that people in the Northside far from the light rail are also going to suffer from this timetable change. Why must the light rail do so much damage to a perfectly fine system to cater to a small portion of our community that can actually commute on it? Why must this cause so much inconvenience and punish those who do not live near enough to use this light rail? The school children, the elderly, those who commute from the outer suburbs into the city/major hubs for work or shopping, and people who just commute to save money and help the environment? This timetable change is disruptive and is a major disservice to regular users of public transport in Canberra.

Do not update the timetables to the newers ones. Keep the current services (Pre 29/04/2019), to keep the commutes of Canberrans as they are.

I started this petition, because…
I am an 18 year old Canberran who was born and raised in this ever-changing town. The public transport system is something I have never found in non-metropolitan cities, and I happened to not appreciate it for all these years of my life it has serviced me up until today. Bus routes near my home, my friends' homes and for schools have been scrapped in this newer timetable that is to be released, and I cannot help to feel a surge of rage and injustice for those who live in the Southside. It makes commuting indescribable - simple commutes become complex and I fear my grandmother who likes to catch a bus to go shopping may become lost trying to do so with this new complex system. The tram isn't even on our side of town (and neither has NBN for ages), so why inconvenience us and those who happen to get punished too because of this new, light rail?