Legislate to keep NBN Towers at least 1km from our Schools

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Legislate to keep NBN Towers at least 1km from our Schools

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Beautiful Health and Wellness started this petition to Emma Husar (MP, Lindsay)

NBN tower proposed to be located very close (350m) to ‘The lakes Christian School’,

Quick facts:

NBN Co want to set up a tower 350m from our school. This is right in the most intense section of radiation emissions from towers. Towers have a 14km range so there is no need to be close to the school. Microwaves from towers are a Class 2B Carcinogen – WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION. Kids are most vulnerable to this radiation. Kids will spend 8 hrs / day,  5 days per week at school. This could be for up to 15 years -    from prep (3yo) to HSC (18 yo) up to 15 years.

Towers emit long term low level radiation. Long term low level microwave radiation has the potential to do harm to school children.Optus, Vodaphone & Telstra are prevented from putting towers near schools. NBN Co can put them anywhere including close to schools.

We need to ensure they don’t put them near our schools!

Sign & help us tell our politicians to stop NBN Co from potentially harming out kids

The Science:

How microwaves from NBN & mobile phone promote cancer has been defined:

1.       Microwaves disrupt DNA repair mechanisms inside human stem cells

2.       Damaged / unrepaired stem cell DNA can lead to tumour formation.

3.       The disruption of DNA repair is not caused by the heating effect of microwaves, but rather by numerous, more complex effects of RF/Microwave radiation, on cell machinery

4.       The same experiments revealed that human stem cells are:

           i.     Sensitive to many more microwave frequencies than normal cells such as skin cells

           ii.    Can't adapt to stress from Microwaves (other cells can)

5.      Babies, children & adolescents must use many stem cells to grow

6.      This make them vulnerable

Reference: Belyaev GY 2012, ‘Address to the National Press Club, Washington DC, viewed 26 January 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCHlhmX9Bio


Letter to Ms Emma Husar MP (Member for Lindsay, New South Wales)

NBN tower proposed to be located very close (350m) to ‘The lakes Christian School’

1. Quick Facts:

a. The Lakes Christian School at 206 E Wilchard Rd, Castlereagh NSW 2749, lies in very close proximity to the strongest section of the radio-wave beam emitted by a (proposed) NBN Co monopole tower at 55-69 Keech Road Castlereagh NSW 2749

b. children who regularly attend the school will be receiving continual passive exposure to low level radio (micro) wave radiation from the tower for up to 8 hours per day, for up to 15 years if attending the school from Prep school to year 12.

c. The greatest power density levels are experience between 200 – 800m peaking at between 250-450m according to the Environmental EME report from NBN Co

d. Towers have an effective range of 14 kilometres line of site (LOS)

e. Given this, a 1km distance would not seem an unreasonable displacement from the school to ensure school children receive only lower dose tower radiation while the school retains good NBN services

f. Lands along the northern side of Smeeton, Jolly or Hinxman roads past the Sheridan Rd intersection present excellent alternative siting options with good LOS to the entire area

g. Important research paper highlighting real unintended radio tower health effects is attached

What we are asking you help with:

2. Emma meet with us (concerned constituents – Castlereagh mums & dads) briefly to discuss the issue.

3. Assist us by making appropriate representations to:

a. Penrith City Council to seek disallowance of approval for erection of NBN Co monopole tower at 55-69 Keech Road Castlereagh NSW 2749 which is extremely close to the Lakes Christian School. Irrespective of approval or non-approval of the development by Penrith City Council;

b. Relevant Australian Federal Government decision making authorities including to the office of the prime minister to ensure that NBN Co is prevented from erecting a tower so close to ‘The Lakes Christian School’ in Castlereagh to;

c. Ensure that the proposed NBN Co Monopole tower is relocated to a more suitable site sufficiently distant from both ‘The lakes Christian School’ & Castlereagh Public School, to minimise chronic exposure levels to students, but at a site that still allows NBN Co to appropriately provide the NBN services to the local community without endangering the possible future health of school children. A distance of approximately ≥ 1km from both schools would ensure that each school is out of the highest power density zones. This should not be too difficult given the plethora of land available locally to site a tower.

Signed on Behalf of the Castlereagh Community

Andreas Klein

BSc Hons, Adv Dip Nutr Med, Dip Rem Ther,



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This petition had 215 supporters

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