Serve pilk at Emily’s birthday

Serve pilk at Emily’s birthday

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Emily Youndt

Why this petition matters

Started by Chloe Grusing

  Emily demands that the masses gather and rally for the serving of pilk at the party. 

   Pilk is a delicious snack and treat that will bring the entirety of the guests attending together. Everyone in attendance should try pilk. A little apprehensive? The culinary chef and expert Emily Youndt says pilk tastes like a rootbeer float. A common North American desert served in many restaurants and diners. 

  Concerned about the containment of lactose ? (Ben Bonnell you weak stomached loser) take a lactose pill or a quick jab of an epipen will suffice! 

Those who sign this petition are signing for pilk to be served at Emily’s party. This will lead to big steps in the pilk community. Pilk will soon be served everywhere, becoming a classic treat for all. It is important that we take this stand now for our community. We must rally together, stick together in these hard and trying times and bond over drinking pilk, and our absolute love for this drink and tasty tasty treat. (It’s so good guys literally the best thing for your body to ingest)

 Pilk is a healthy alternative to straight soda. Instead of all of that sugar intake,  you substitute it for some calcium to grow your bones. After drinking pilk you will be able to bench much more and defend yourself. Chose the healthy option of pilk. 


Credit for art for Pilk to Leila Medina :)

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!