Reform of Labour Friends of Israel

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Labour Friends of Israel recently sparked outrage by blaming Palestinians for their own deaths at the Gaza border fence when Israeli snipers killed dozens and wounded thousands. In a tweet of 14th May 2018 (now deleted) it said:

"Tragic events on the Gazan border; all civilian deaths are regrettable. Hamas must accept responsibility for these events. Their successful attempts to hijack peaceful protest as a cover to attack Israeli border communities must be condemned by all who seek peace in the Middle East.”

It has a similar statement on its website's campaign page entitled "Gaza Pledge" which has five bullet points, two of which condemn Hamas, but no responsibility is laid at the door of the Israeli government for its policies and actions.

We condemn this approach of victim-blaming.

We recognise the importance of value of friendship societies in fostering good relations between nations, but believe this can be done without giving political support to unjust governments. We call for LFI to end its special relationship with the Israeli Labour Party, which has proven to be supportive of settlement building and uncritical of the Likud-led Israeli government over Gaza. LFI should instead work with organisations that are truly committed to a fair and just solution to both peoples.