I want a lizard but my mom said no

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Okay so I really want a pet lizard. I have a plan to graduate school, move to New York, do the whole makeup shabang, then come home to my lizard shrine. But this!!! Isn't!!! Going!!! To!!! Become!!! A!!! Reality!!! Unless!!! Janet!!! Says!!! Yes!!! I'm being dead serious like bro I really want a lizard they're actually adorable. Just the small ones that fit in your hand though, I'm not trying to pull some Mrs. Kipling shit. Technically, I can go to Petco right now and buy one for $20 but I'm a child of god that's asks for permission first plus I don't want to be whipped by my Filipino mom. Okay so anyway, if I get atleast 20 signatures I can go up to my mom and be like ayyy look 20 people think I should get a lizard therefore you should feel bad for saying no. Please sign this. I shall be the perfect caretaker for a lonely lizzo™.

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