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Emily LaRae Smith: Post the messages of concerned parents.

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Emily LaRae Smith is a public figure on Facebook. She has a history of cutting herself, and sharing the images with her fans. She's saying it's okay to self-harm. 


She's borderline promoting self-harm to minors. Teenage girls who don't have a voice of their own. It seems as if she's manipulating the innocence of children as a way to seel fortune, and attention. She's been at this for years, and hasn't shown any remorse. She isn't the one I'm worried about. I could care less about her, her health, or her will to change. 

She's defeating the purpose of a positive role-model, and recreating it into what she believes is necessary. I know it's just social media, I get that. However, it's impossible to discontinue viewing her posts. Facebook won't allow anyone to block your posts. I'm not sure why, it just won't. I wouldn't care if children weren't exposed to it.

The children she's encountered, and brain washed is remarkable. "Be kind to yourself," she says. Even though she has a history of judging others. If she cared about her followers, the children she's interacted with, she'd stop. They're impressionable, they'll listen to an adult. I know teenagers have tendancies to be rebelious, and ill mannered.

I'm well-aware that children have the capacity to think for themselves. Although, they aren't adults. They can't harness intense stress levels on their own. They have resources such as; school, their guardians, and relatives. They're alone, from what I've discovered, they're afraid. They need protection, and love. They don't need her, at all. She's just a woman on Facebook.

She isn't their parent, she isn't a babysitter. As far as I've read, she isn't related to any of her fans. You aren't important to their lives. Does she truly believe what you've accomplished is helpful? Emily, Read your fan mail, stare at the images of the wounds on their arms until you understand. 

You're 20+ years old, and you've failed time, and time again to shed responsibility. You've judged others, blocked differing opinions, and used innocence as a blast shield.

No, I don't want her removed from social media. She can socialize all she wants, I don't mind. Although, I'm requesting Emily to post screenshots of messages from floored parents. I'm certain more than a handful of parents caught their daughters cutting themselves, and discovered you were behind it.

Blurr out the names if you must but show decency, and display the letters from parents. The messages from siblings that've caught their sister self-harming. I've read plenty of comments of adolescent boys being berated for standing up for their sister. That've seen your photos, and posts. 

If she shares the messages, it'll gain the attention of a select number of children. They'll see how devastating self-harming can be. They'll stop, and recognize who cares about them. That way they'll be able to think for themselves. I won't guarantee it'll stop all of them, but I know someone will be affected by it. Eventually, hopefully, her page will wither away. The lesser the numbers, the better it is. 

No, she didn't put the knife to their bodies. Although, she's displaying that it's okay. Emily, if you truly care. Share the messages with your fans. Show them that someone cares about them. Post screenshots of your hate mail, Emiy. 

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