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Improved Care of Western Springs Central Park

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We, the people, area residents of Riverton City, specifically in the area of Western Springs Central Park (4885 W.) and Western Hills Dr (12835 S.) request the time and attention of the Mayor and City Council of Riverton, Utah, to respond to the following complaint:

Whereas, the park has become increasingly neglected, to the point that the lawn is poorly watered, poorly fertilized, and poorly maintained, to the extent that the lawn has been reduced to weeks, dandelions, dirt, spurge, and patches of brown grass.  The lawn area has no signage prohibiting use of ATV's motorcycles, bikes, golfing, etc, so they indulge and tear up the park.  There was one night recently when a large truck went joy-riding through the field for 45 mins-1hr.  They tore up the park on a muddy night causing deep trenches and dirt and debris to be spread over all parts of the park and field.  To our knowledge there have been no attempts made for it to be fixed since that incident. Daily, there are piles of dog poop found all over the park including by the playground where children step in it.  The small amount of trees and shrubbery are stunted, broken, under fertilized, and there are drainage areas that contain stagnated, dirty water where dead mice have been found by children on many different occasions.

The playground was initially put together incorrectly, more than 8 years ago, including the bridge built too low so that many children have (when using it the way it was created) have slipped off and cut their lips open, fallen, and hit their heads badly.  Residents have, repeatedly, throughout the years, reported these incidents and asked the playground be fixed, especially when it was first built. The only action the city has taken is to come, wrap the playground with caution tape for the extent of 2 weeks and never come back to fix.  This has happened atleast 3 times.

We love the foresight of Riverton City administrators to place parks throughout Riverton.  However, we also believe commitments (including our tax dollars) were made to maintain the parks once they were installed.  We also believe this particular park receives less attention and resources than those in other parts of Riverton City.  The disparities are glaring.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the City of Riverton, to focus attention on our park, and devote the resources needed to erect proper signage in order to keep our park safe and clean, upgrade the maintenance of the park including upgrading grass and plants, repairing damage, fixing or upgrading the playground, and make it a place we can all be proud of.

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