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In regards to recent events regarding the Corona Virus/COVID-19 pandemic,

We, the students of Emily Carr University are asking for the rest of the spring semester to be waived, and partially reimbursed. 

This does NOT mean a cancel of any MAJOR projects that were given at least a week BEFORE quarantine, but a mandatory cancel on any other projects/lectures/other class related content that was given out a week before quarantine, OR scheduled to be assigned/due AFTER the events of quarantine.

Therefore, ongoing semester long projects can be handed in if still needed, but we believe a great deal of them should be waived.

Any projects/assignments that professors feel they must receive during this time should also be able to give students the time that they need to complete their projects WITHOUT the fear of a close deadline.

Without the usual resources of the university (Shops, studios, etc) because of campus shutdown, many students will need more time to complete their work or may even not be able to complete their work because of this crucial loss of access to tools and equipment, etc. If this means running deadlines into the next month, so be it.

A large percentage of students at the university rely heavily on these resources in order to complete their projects to the best of their abilities and without this crucial access, it is almost near impossible for many of us to do so.

We as a student body understand the appeal of moving to online courses, but the reality is that many of us cannot continue to attend these classes for multiple reasons, whether they be mental, financial, physical, or other.

Mental health, personal funds, as well as individual living situations are being greatly affected during this time. Many students have either been relying on solely student loans for living (which will only last until the end of this month, depending on individual budgeting) been laid off work due to the virus, or do not make enough money to have a decent amount of savings to afford basic living needs - as well as pay for things like bills and internet access for the proposed jump to online classes.

There are currently vast unknowns about the future of not only the school, but also society at this point as COVID-19 infections continue to rise daily in the BC province, and around the world. This is a very serious situation and there are students who are facing the harsh unknown reality that their family members abroad may or may not have contracted the virus, and are suffering. 

This is a very overwhelming time for all people, but especially students with the immense pressure that has been put on us to "continue work as usual". It is simply unrealistic to think that the recent and ongoing events will not affect our work as a whole.

We cannot simply continue as before. The only humane answer for us as students, is to waive the rest of the semester and to partially reimburse funds to students for the weeks of lost class time. We believe that It does not make sense for a student to be paying full tuition when a disruption like this occurs. Partial reimbursement could also help many students who are currently in financial crisis due to the quarantine efforts.

We, the students of Emily Carr University hope that this petition can be regarded strongly and that this much needed shift in dealing with the rest of the school year can happen as soon as possible, as the surrounding pandemic situation evolves around us.