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Televisa knows that bullfights are not sports.

Mr. Azcarraga,

According to the dictionary, sport is a positive activity which enhances the body, mind and spirit.


Bullfights are not a sport. They promote violence, ill treatment and torture of animals without compassion.


Televisa, through its news and sports programs, promotes this bloody spectacle as entertainment.

In addition, it gives a bad image of Mexicans as sadistic beings.


Bullfights are bad, according to 80% of the world's population. However, Televisa through Galavisión, continues to promote this infamous sensational “news.”


I sincerely hope that my initiative will result in a better image abroad and a new generation of Mexicans who are more aware of the true values that lead to the realization of the human being.


Mr. Azcárraga, please stop broadcasting the torture of bulls.


"No people need forms of cruelty to express an identity. History and tradition are not sacred nor should they be imposed on the lives and dignity of animals."


Elena, Gijón, Spain.

Thank you for your consideration. 



Armando C. Ramirez Bracamontes


Pyramid Media

Letter to
Televisa Emilio Azcárraga Jean
Stop showing bullfights as sports.