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More Resources/CreativityKits for VMA Students at Emerson College

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For a student, the entire Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes over 20 programs and applications for digital media editing and producing, costs $240 dollars for the first year and $360 every year after that. Journalism students have a tool called the CreativityKit that was put into circulation this school year. With this kit, they are given the entire Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, Apple’s Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, and iMovie all loaded onto a 13” Apple MacBook Air laptop. The value of all of this adds up to around $1,682. Here’s the amazing part. With the CreativityKit, students pay only $250 per semester for all of the applications and tools. That’s a total of $2,000 over four years, which is an amazing price considering many of the applications and programs are a yearly fee. If a student bought their own Mac and paid for Adobe CC themselves it would be $2319.85 for four years and they would get to keep their computer. Wouldn’t this make a lot more sense if CreativityKits also existed for VMA majors who use these programs on the daily, but have to pay for them with their own money or go to a lab?

Making the programs that come with the CreativityKit available to VMA majors would raise the expectations for students in and out of the classroom.  It is difficult to be expected to make quality content without Adobe applications. And it creates a sort of unfair learning field when some students are able to buy the programs and use them when other students only have iMovie.  Some students even get better grades just because they may have the money to produce better videos.  Students would be able to explore their own creativity in depth with the new options they are given.  

If VMA students get CreativityKits, we expect to see a rise in extracurricular participation and independent projects. With so many programs at their fingertips, students can play around and learn at their discretion. With experience in these programs comes confidence, which they can then choose to bring to activities like Emerson Channel or EIV. Having all of the software on their own laptops allows them to work on projects anytime and anywhere, instead of having to go to labs, which are only open at certain times. This will make it much easier for students to get their projects done and work on more if they want to.  

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