Secure energy independence and global security

Secure energy independence and global security

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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Neff

Please support President Biden in using the emergency powers act to immediately access all sources of energy in the North American continent. Push for the United States to become the world supplier of energy. Expedite all means of transporting energy including pipelines, trucks, trains, and ships. 

Immediate action in accessing all forms of energy will immediately result in the following:

* reducing inflationary pressures 

*allow the USA to supply our European partners increasing global security 

* remove funding of adversaries that currently supply our energy 

* assure the most environmentally sound extraction,  processing,  and transportation of energy. 

* eliminates the dirty extraction process and pollution of current suppliers 

* create job opportunities in the USA

* fulfillment of the promise to buy made in the USA

*lower energy cost also lowers the cost of manufacturing green technology making it more affordable. 

Please support our efforts to become the worlds energy supplier leading to global stability and an affordable path to green energy.  



66 have signed. Let’s get to 100!