Emergency meeting requested with Mr. President Trump regarding Kratom!

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Dear Mr. President Trump,

This Petition is written, submitted and signed by the voiceless Americans who throughout the past ten plus years have had to continuously defend an emerging “Agro-forestry” tree leaf commodity product located primarily in South East Asia from unjust, corporate pressured bureaucratic oppression!

My name is Neil Switkowski, I am the CEO of Kratom Commodity Markets, Corp a Former US Marine in addition to being a Texas licensed Private Investigator, Financial Intelligence Officer, Fugitive Recovery Officer, Personal Protection Officer and Security Contractor who has been involved in the kratom industry sense 2006. I have developed a domestic and global solution for::
    -Farmers, brokers and exporters
    -Pharmaceutical company's,
    -OTC product producers,
    -Nutraceutical/ Herbalist product producers and multiple governments alike.

As the author of this document it is my intent, along with the intent of the signers of this petition to express to you directly Mr. President, that we (the multitude of voiceless Americans) would like a 15 minute meeting attended by you personally at the White house where myself as well as other industry experts can present evidence and facts based from the position of a private investigator team getting ready to go to court to defend this entire industry.

The amount of people who die from various “FDA Approved Drugs” per year is staggering, but somehow a rational thinking person has to deal with an argument that a tree leaf from S. E. Asia consumed as a tea and used successfully for thousands of years by those indigenous populations without glaring infertility, long term addiction or cancer issues, needs to be scheduled! The hypocrisy of the FDA on this position is astounding!

Regardless of Americans background (kratom user or not) we can see the injustice in the propaganda and persecution platform being played out in front of our eyes as we sign this petition of grievance!

This is what makes us voiceless, our support, personal testimonials, facts, thousands of years of historical use and scientific evidence have been ignored by the few in positions of “extreme power” in order to once again begin a useless, unjust prohibition campaign using sub-standard assumptions, miss-information or worse outright “fake facts” in order to justify their continued assault on Americans seeking alternative products in the marketplace!

As a result of these continued activities of unjust oppression of kratom all Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents, young and old are experiencing an injustice, together, all of us Mr. President!

The Kratom industry along with the many voiceless Americans who support kratom would like to respectfully discuss the following:

-  How Kratom is developing into a global “Agro-forestry” commodity market that can improve the lives of a half a billion plus people in S. E. Asia and tens of millions of people here in the U.S.A!

-  How Kratom can impact matters of National Security, Foreign Policy and American safety abroad!

          Including subjects like: Domestic and International laws, treaties, UN, IMF, World Bank and counter-international terrorism operations, international-counter corruption operations, counter-money laundering activities, along with other international and national law enforcement activities and many other vitally importing issues directly related to the emerging global kratom industry which can be explored further by Mr. Switkowski at this meeting as well!

-   How “Executive Orders” signed by you Mr. President, actually affect the Kratom industry! You should know all the facts, sir!

-   Kratom is related to the coffee plant and more akin to an herbal aspirin alternative (aspirin was originally found in the bark of the willow tree) and NOT a “opioid” by its very chemical structure, but could Kratom help mitigate some of the almost 60,000 deaths a year from the opioid epidemic? If kratom can save one life, just one, that life is worth 15 minutes of your time, sir!

-   We will discuss how from farmers in S. E. Asia to consumers worldwide want to be allowed to invest in and develop this emerging billion dollar global market free of unnecessary interference from excessive government regulations!

-   An American lead global investment in a “NEW Agro-Forestry Commodity Market” could help develop huge financial investment opportunities creating financial freedom for Americans from all walks of life?

-    The slightest possibility to financially improve the lives of a half a billion people  in S. E. Asia as well as here at home requires an honest evaluation as an economic addition to the 21st century domestic and global economy and all of this starts with just a 15 minute exploration of the facts and the possibility's, Mr. President!

-   We can show how Kratom can help your administration promote sustainable growth and international peace throughout South East Asia for generations to come.

-   We can present a legitimate long-term plan that has been established and already implemented to safe guard the consumer and industry as a whole, using history and technology as an example of how to develop a new market, which can be demonstrated!

-   Mr. President Trump, The majority of Americans understand that emerging global markets can be complicated, and that setting up stable supply-chains for the safe, efficiently managed forest farms, exported, manufactured and distributed products from herbalist to pharmaceutical companies can be difficult and easily corrupted, that is why we are seeking this meeting directly with you sir.

-  This industry is in it's infancy, the entire kratom industry and the multitude of voiceless Americans are asking for the kind of opportunities that can come with a natural, organic free market-oriented exploration and growth of a new "niche market" happening not only here in America, but globally.

With your attention sir, Americans can help lead the way in providing an example of how a new product gets integrated into a dynamic domestic and global marketplace for the 21st century!

That is why “we are all” petitioning you, from sea to shining sea, hear our voices, hear our calls and concerns as fellow Americans!

Mr. President, please, sit down with Neil Switkowski and some of our other industry leading experts as part of his “investigative team” to discuss for 15 minutes the above mentioned issues.

This 15 minute meeting Mr. President, could positively impact the lives of billions of people for generations to come!

I believe you will understand Mr. President why I have to fight for these voiceless, faceless, nameless people being attacked by “government officials” as the CEO of a global commodity market.

Myself and many others are ready to present a case for an entire industry, to show you what it is today and what it could be for tomorrow!

Together, we can help lead a new global agro-forestry industry for the 21st Century!

Mr. President, I know we can count on your openness and willingness to listen to our calls of action to help us voiceless and ignored Americans by responding to this petition and setting a date and time for a meeting.

Thank you Mr. President for your time and attention to this matter!
Petition Signed by,
Seriously concerned voiceless Americans!
Written and submitted for petition by,
Neil Switkowski,
CEO, Kratom Commodity Markets, Corp.

P.S. Mr. President, this petition is written to you on behalf of the many voiceless Americans, however, we must also hear the global voiceless individuals who are desperate to be able to experience a “good life” too. All of these voiceless people have been ignored for far too long. Millions of people are desperate for the possibility of an amazing future and this market has the potential to give them a great life story!

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