Help stop the Emerald council taking down the Skatepark memorial

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within the last year there have been suicides committed by three different members of the Emerald community, there was a memorial place at Emerald Skate park for Rohan Hardy, one of the victims. His mother and my guardian Virginia Morgan was given notice that the Emerald council is planning on removing the memorial within the coming weeks. I believe that the memorial should be kept as it has helped many children who were friends with Rohan work through their grief and it gives them something to remind them not only of Rohan, but also other people who have struggled with depression in the Emerald community and have chosen to take their own lives. it has become a place where children and teenagers struggling with depression can go to talk and work through their problems with other children can understand and not judge, giving a sense of security that they may not have had before. so please help to make sure that the memorial is kept there, not only to remember Rohan Hardy, a beloved member of the Emerald community, but to make sure that the children of the Emerald community who have been affected and struggle with issues that can lead to depression and suicide have a safe place to talk to come and talk to make sure this terrible thing never happens again