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Embrace Your Filipina Beauty

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In the Philippines, it's not rare to encounter someone commenting on your skin and suggesting products to make it lighter. Also, it's common for short people to be told to take medicine to improve their height. And it's nothing out of the ordinary when you complain about your flat nose wanting a high-bridged one. But that's the problem. It's not Filipina, it's Western beauty that's being glorified. And we, the petitioners, find it unfair for we have to embrace our roots and accept that Filipina beauty is just as attractive as Western ones.

Dealing with these beauty standards of the society will never be easy. It affects our lives as we perceived these ideals and expectations. Because of this, we must take an action to alleviate this social issue present today. We must start within ourselves. We must always remember to have confidence on the way we talk, stand and appear to other people. We must not also forget that the true beauty can only be found within the individuals.  With this, we must be our own kind of beautiful as Filipinas. Do not let the media destroy your perception regarding the genuine definition of beauty. 

As you improve yourself, do not also forget to inspire others as well. We must motivate them to be beYOUtiful as Filipinos in order to work hand-in-hand so that insecurities will never reign in our hearts.

Embrace your own beauty. Embrace your own Filipina beauty.

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