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Provide more relief to flood victims of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes and neighborhoods in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to severe flooding. Over 100,000 households have no power and there have been lives taken already. These people are in urgent need of clean water, food, shelter, and medical assistance. Even more, they are in need of boats and helicopters to be rescued from the rising waters in their homes. Several Bosnian Americans are not able to reach their families in Bosnia and Herzegovina to check if they are safe. There are reports of families reaching out through social media in need of help and many are pleading to send rescue teams for their children first. There are also various reports of people in need of immediate medical attention. The U.S. Embassy reported that they are providing 13 motor boats and 50,000 U.S. dollars in relief. ( 

Please sign our petition so that we can get the attention of the Charge d'Affaires, Nicholas M. Hill, to provide more aid to these flood victims.

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