Ban Fr. Dominic Valamnal entry to Ireland.

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The petition is to make a formal request for seeking an exclusion order from the Justice Minister of Ireland to ban Fr. Dominic Valamanal from entering Ireland under the Immigration Act 1999. Fr.Dominic has earlier preached against differently abled children and their families, specifically living in Ireland. His preaching has created wide spread opposition in social media.

He verbally abused autistic kids and compared their parents to wild animals having no intelligence but just living for sex, alcohol and reproduction. He blamed their parents by calling them sinful people who do not belong to Christian Society and extended this accusation to the youth. He did not stop there, but continued the abuse by citing gays and lesbians unnatural and cursed people and that they should be excluded from the society. Our society is worried about these type of so called "preaching" by this person. This, certainly is not what our community believes in nor does a developed country like Ireland. These type of hate speeches are not something that belongs to a modern Irish community and we do not encourage these type of hate filled, unscientific, irrational notions to be propagated in the country. We, as a community are strongly against any attempt that could ruin the moral and scientific framework of the society and we discourage any attempt made by people like this person who could potentially be a threat to the development and integration of our children in the local society and also their future in this country.

Syro Malabar Catholic Church Ireland, Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20201956 Syro Malabar Chaplains, St. Martin De Porres Church, Old Bawn Tallaght, Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland is inviting Fr. Dominic to organize a 3-day intensive preaching session in Dublin on 26th October 2019 to 28th October 2019. His preaching is creating wide spread hatred among community and is against the values of Ireland. 

Link to his speech: 

If you think he is wrong and should be stopped coming to Ireland for preaching and also collecting money from here, please help signing this petition

Thank you.

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