Help issue an Indian Visa for a an ambitious UWCer

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My name is Adel Almisherghi and I am from Libya. I have been given the amazing opportunity of joining the UWC movement specifically UWC Mahindra college through a need-based scholarship. Unfortunately the Indian embassy in Libya has rejected my request of a student visa which is seriously unfair due to the nature of the request that normally should not take more than two days.

 Initially, I wasn’t even allowed to enter the embassy, only after great effort and persistence I managed to enter, however, they did not accept my documents with the ridiculous justification premised around the fact the country’s security situation is unstable – What does that have to do with my student visa?! --  The question is whether the fact that I am a Libyan and a Muslim automatically makes me predisposed or naturally inclined to inflict harm on any one? All I am asking for is some decency. The Libyan national committee was very thorough during the selection process. It is outrageous that after all of the effort they have put in, that Libyans are not able to participate in this global movement.  Please sign my petition to show support of your fellow UWCer. WE SHALL PREVAIL!!!


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