Embarrassing Minister Professionalism in the House of Commons needs improving

Embarrassing Minister Professionalism in the House of Commons needs improving

14 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Paul O'Connor

I became interested in politics since Brexit and more recently with the issues surrounding Boris Johnson so I started watching PM Questions and other house of commons sessions where i became what i can only describe as embarrassed to be British by the following things i noted as happening frequently and on television to the whole world. 

  1. Personal Insults
  2. Shouting / Mass shouting at points and comments disagreed with to cause disruption
  3. Laughing in an over bearing and unprofessional manner at points and comments disagreed with to cause disruption
  4. Ministers sleeping
  5. All parties are participating
  6. This is coming across as 'the norm' and like it is OK
  7. Lack of control by the House Speaker until an extreme point has been reached


I get sensitive issues that surround individuals and their behaviour need addressing here, however, lets put this into perspective by looking at how the rest of the UK are required to manage such things in the work place:

You cannot start giving personal insults to another employee you disagree with or their work that you disagree with. This is bullying in the work place.

You cannot start shouting in meetings or in the office when you disagree with what is being said / proposed. This is very unprofessional and again can/does amount to bullying in the work place.

You cannot start laughing at someone's serious comment or proposal let alone doing so in an over bearing manner. This is bullying in the work place.

You cannot sleep at work (obvious exceptions apply here). You are paid to work, not sleep, as are the ministers with our tax money. Gross misconduct?

Point 5 is why point 6 exists and further proven by point 7. All of them are doing it, so it just looks like it is the normal thing done and the person in charge of maintaining order is not doing anything until extreme moments and even laughing when it is occurring. 

Take aside the fact we are being represented to the world by our country leaders that are appearing to behave like school children in a playground arguing rather than a serious set of ministers or government that are trying to make a better place; what is this teaching are younger generation?

It just isn't OK to behave in the way they do in any work place I know of, so why is it OK for the country leaders (and those attempting to be) to do so?

So what needs to change?
For me this is very obvious, they all need to apply their professionalism in the same way they apply their professionalism when they are on your doorstep because they are certainly not going to start insulting you, shouting at you, laughing at you or start sleeping on your doorstep.
I want to see these ministers acknowledge this is wrong  and that with immediate affect, this needs to change with repercussions written into the ministerial code of conduct for failing to maintain professionalism.

What will happen If i win?
Honestly, i dont consider it a win for them to start behaving as we are all expected to do in the work place by rules and laws written by them. That being said, if this picks up and people feel as i do on this, i will take it to as many MP's as i can, raise as many complaints as i can if the MP's fail to listen and act until i feel i have exhausted all available options.

What will happen if i lose?
Quite obvious, nothing. A single individual complaining about this is not even going to scratch the surface let a lone help make a change. I will simply have to put up with it and accept our government are going to continue to make me feel embarrassed to be British as far as a government is concerned.

To clarify, i am not pointing this at any particular individual or party (including the one in the picture), although, if you watch these sessions you will notice they are definitely some frequent and more serious offenders of it.
This is about all the parties and all the individuals that need to behave as we the people are expected to do so in the work place.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider signing this.

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Signatures: 212Next Goal: 500
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