Emami Cement Logistics Fraud

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राहुल अग्रवाल (सुबाश्री लॉजिस्टिक) परिवहन किराए का पैसा न देकर ट्रक बेड़े के मालिक को धोखा दे रहे हैं। एक महीने से अधिक समय हो गया है और उसने 5 ट्रकों के किराए का पैसा नहीं दिया है।

Rahul Agarwal (Subhshree Logistic ) is cheating truck fleet owner by not giving money of transportation rent. It has been more than a month and he has not given money of 5 trucks transportation rent. 

My truck also loaded from Salasar Road lines (Vishal Agarwal ) Emami Cement he instead of giving me the money he gave it to Rahul Agrawal which is not giving me the money. 

राहुल अग्रवाल एक पैसा निगलने वाला व्यक्ति है

Rahul Agarwal is a money swallower who feed on someone's else money.

My trucks transported Emami Cement from Baloda Bazar to Ranchi 

Under Such circumstances How we fleet owner will survive ?.

Please support my petition and be caution with this Logistic because if this has happened with me then many more truck owner could be the victim.