Intersection needs change for corner of Deeragun Road and Geaney Lane

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Accident after accident on the corner of Geaney lane and Deeragun Road in Deeragun. I am looking to get support to get a Roundabout built to prevent more accidents from happening or something at the minimum a stop sign put in , Since Moving to Deeragun in January there has been at least one  Accident every two weeks, This is due to the confusing intersection that has visible old road markings on the ground. A roundabout would prevent a lot of these accident since some of them where caused but doing illegal u turns, I'm turning to the community to help make change happen as there are a high number of Children that live in the area and walk to the shops. Lets make it a tad bit safer. This effects everyone living in Deeragun off Geaney Lane, just need something to keep our road safer in deeragun. When there was a camera put on this corner there where no accidents but the day after the cameras removal there was an accident. Thank you for the support everyone.