Removal of Bats from Goldsborough, QLD

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Bats are becoming a major issue in the Goldsborough, QLD neigbourhood. 

They are eating the fruit off the local residents’ trees that spend so much time throughout the year mainaining to then find has been eaten by the bats. 

Bats make a mess, carry diseases such as rabies, Hendra and Lyssa viruses which can potentially be fatal in some cases. 

They nest in our trees or parts of our home where they then make a mess of (faeces) where we are left to clean. Their poo is so hard to remove and if left on long enough makes items rust dish as residents’ rooves. 

The bats are causing a major health risk to the community and therefore are wanting the local Council to do something about the situation and have the bats removed/relocated from the area.

By signing this petition you are in agreeance to having the bats removed from the area. 

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