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Let Citrus College students participate in the NASA Rocketry Competition in Alabama

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There is a team of students at Citrus College who participate in a NASA rocketry competition in Alabama. We are one of the only or we may be the only community college in the country to participate in this. The experience for our students is priceless. However, the great state of California has a travel ban to the state of Alabama. This is spelled out in AB1887. Therefore, our students will not be able to go to participate because the state will not fund their travel. I also am told that if the students funded it themselves or if a grant funded it, they would not be allowed to represent Citrus College. Our Community College State Chancellor is allegedly standing firm on this. It is only hurting our students. What is strange is that teams from four-year colleges from California are going to participate. They are being privately funded and I assume are representing their schools.

While, I support the idea of boycotting discriminatory states, I do not think it should be a hardline ban like this. It only hurts our students. I thought our students were the number one priority… I guess not.

I want to make clear that this is not Citrus College’s doing...It is the doing of the California state legislature and the State Community Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley.

Maybe Eloy Ortiz Oakley needs to rethink his position in this. Again, how many students have the first hand chance to work directly with NASA?

If the students would be allowed to go if they could come up with the money I would immediately write a check to help them finance their trip. I know of others who would be willing to help.


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