To Run the Internet on Harmonic Frequency Bands Fibonacci's 49th, 50th and 51st sequences:

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I have thousands of frequency calculations and have tested harmonc sets that are so smooth and perfect and harmonious compared to most that are drastically distorted. If you watch this video I made, you will understand what harmonic series frequencies are:

If we run the internet on a harmonic series of frequency bands, we will affect all life with a harmony.  Transmitting frequencies that are out of phase with nature's harmony is destructive to all life! 

We understand that all biological life is dependent on photosynthesis, yet we are transmitting discordant microwave photons into all biology with hundreds of thousands of microwave towers around the world with no understanding of what we have done to plants and eco systems though this photo synthesis and electric effect! 

At I design harmonic frequency sets and transmitters that could change the world if implemented on a garnder scale!  See the Staff of Moses and Jesus as an example as an antenna! 

What I want to see is an understanding of using electromagnetism transmissions the same way we understand musical harmony versus chaos.  Right  now it is all chaos bands being transmitted globally without the slightest understanding of what harmony IS!