Pledge to Boycott SOLO: A Star Wars Story

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Vote for Disney to change its direction by not seeing SOLO: A Star Wars Story in theaters. It's fine, see it after a week or two, but do not help inflate this heavy-handed continuation of poor vision and story telling choices by creating another block buster win for Disney.

Vote with your wallets.  The movies they're making are visually masterful and polished, but the failure to cover the largest plot holes or reduce characters to meaningless straw men is something even Episodes I-3 did not dare.  

It's time to change the direction of Star Wars.  You, the fans, are the spark that lights the fire of the Rebellion. Boots on ground -- vote with your feet and do not go.

Save this movie for the middle of June or rent it from Redbox after Disney has had a good time to think about what they're doing wielding The Force in ways some would consider unnatural.  #starWars  #lucasFilm #skywalkerRanch #disneyFilms