Get Tesla in Quebec to assume its responsibilities

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Dear Elon, 

I am a Quebec resident and a long-time Tesla aficionado. Like many in our community, I have been waiting for my Tesla Model 3 for two and a half years now, and as we near delivery, I'd like to let you know that customers in the province of Quebec feel let down by your local representatives, who are changing the rules and affecting some customers' ability and willingness to pursue the adventure with you. 

The most recent disappointment is the refusal of the Tesla Quebec team to honor a common practice known as 'accomodation sales', in which the purchaser of a new vehicle is allowed to sell his trade-in to a third party via the dealer, and thus recoup the entirety of the sales tax. The sales tax in Quebec is 15%, which means that for a 20,000$ trade-in vehicle, a new Tesla client would reduce the actual price of the car by up to 3,000$. For many of your most loyal clients, this is a lot of money. 

The decision comes at a time when many of us have committed 1000$CAD in 2016, and again 3200$CAD to confirm their purchase in recent weeks. Your team in Quebec is changing the rules in the midst of the contract, days before we FINALLY get our VINs. With this in mind, many of us had already secured their third-party buyers, and were counting on this tax 'rebate' to get a better deal. 

This is a trade practice that advantages everyone, and makes purchasing a Tesla more affordable. 

However, your local team has provided no justification and no rationale for letting us down like this. Although we are sure that it has to do with process optimization and cost savings, this feels like Tesla abusing its most loyal ambassadors by putting them in front of an accomplished fact. 

We ask that the Tesla team in Quebec honor this industry-wide trade practice, and continue accommodating Quebec clients that want to trade-in their vehicle. 

We are all working together to make the planet a better, cleaner place. 

Please stop putting hurdles in the way of us helping you accomplish that. 

With respect and admiration,


Francis Gosselin

Future Tesla Model 3 owner.