Elmbrook - Education Over Activism

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At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!

Our children have endured one of the most challenging years due to limits created by COVID.  Following the tragic death of George Floyd, our community united to better understand and improve racial issues.  Elmbrook engaged several virtual speakers to discuss racial issues. Elmbrook also engaged with Integrated Comprehensive Systems (ICS), a company hired to perform an Equity Audit in 2013.  It is important to the Elmbrook community that the racial concerns are addressed in a manner that promotes unity.  

However, ICS’s recommendations are rooted in Critical Race Theory CRT, sometimes referred to as culturally responsive/relevant teaching, a philosophy that academics indicate is divisive due to Marxist roots. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence that CRT methods solve the problem it is intended to solve.  CRT methods are anti-faith and anti-family.  Critical Race Theory is the last phase in a long effort to control the K-12 classrooms under the guise of equity. There is a play on words due to the obvious negative reference to CRT, so it is referred to as Equity Principals or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.   Elmbrook continues to teach the curriculum with embedded CRT without the consent of parents.  

Critical Race Theory (newdiscourses.com) …

  • believes racism is present in every aspect of life, every relationship, and every interaction and therefore has its advocates look for it everywhere
  • relies upon “interest convergence” (white people only give black people opportunities and freedoms when it is also in their own interests) and therefore doesn’t trust any attempt to make racism better
  • is against free societies and wants to dismantle them and replace them with something its advocates control
  • only treats race issues as “socially constructed groups,” so there are no individuals in Critical Race Theory
  • believes science, reason, and evidence are a “white” way of knowing and that storytelling and lived experience are a “black” alternative, which hurts everyone, especially black people
  • rejects all potential alternatives, like colorblindness, as forms of racism, making itself the only allowable game in town (which is totalitarian)
  • acts like anyone who disagrees with it must do so for racist and white supremacist reasons, even if those people are black (which is also totalitarian)
  • cannot be satisfied, so it becomes a kind of activist black hole that threatens to destroy everything it is introduced into

We the taxpayers, parents, grandparents, and students demand Elmbrook schools:

  • Provide an academic education rooted in science, not activism.
  • Stop using CRT/ICS methods embedded in the curriculum.
  • Cancel the contract with ICS.
  • Provide a community forum to discuss non-CRT/ICS-based solutions.

Report Elmbrook CRT/ICS Incident (anonymous) 

Community Questions to Elmbrook School Board and Administration

Upcoming Elmbrook School Board Meetings related to CRT

  • June 8 - CRT Curriculum Vote

MacIver Institute Article on CRT in WI K-12


Contact: ElmbrookCRT@protonmail.com

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