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URGENT: Stop The Tennis Court charge by Elmbridge Council & Let Current Coaches Stay!

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The council in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association want to introduce charges to use public tennis courts. Tennis has been free in Elmbridge for a while but now the council want to add charges just to make more money. In a survey about introducing charges, 75% of people said they would not play if the council introduced charges according to, but the council are going ahead anyway. This cannot happen. Imagine a father and his son who decided one sunny day to play tennis as it is nice out but not being able to because they would have to pay to use it for an hour which they can't afford! I personally have grown up playing tennis with my dad and brother at tennis courts in Elmbridge which has gotten me into having lessons myself there with the coaches that operate there which has turnd tennis ito more than just a hobby for me. This could also affect the coaches as they will inevitably have to pay more to caoch at the courts. Having the tennis courts for free was a great thing as families who don't earn enough to pay for lessons could just turn up anytime and play. Now when I walk past the courts and see families playing tennis, it angers and upsets me that there will be some families that won't be able to afford to book the courts if the charges go ahead.

So please sign this petition and help us oppose the council in intorucing these charges!

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