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Make Keisha's dream come true! Get her on the Ellen DeGeneres show! Her surrogate story...

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Keisha's Surrogate Story...

In March of 2015, Keisha had two embryos implanted, as a surrogate. This was not her first surrogacy. She was very proud to be a surrogate, and excited to start this journey again for another family. This particular implantation was for a married couple who had been trying for 12 years to conceive on their own.

Both embryos stuck!! 2 babies were due in December 2015. How exciting!

At 20 weeks, they found out that they were dealing with a double placenta previa situation. Numerous hospital visits, due to massive bleeds, but thankfully, she carried til her scheduled C-Section date of of November 11, 2015.

Surgery went very well, and the babies were both around 5 lbs each, and doing well.

Shortly after, it started to go downhill. Nurses brought up that Keisha was bleeding excessively, they were worried. Back to the OR, to install a "bakri balloon" in hopes of stopping the bleeding. It didn't work. This turned into a very scary situation fast. If they didn't take her uterus at this time, she would lose her life.

Within a day, Keisha had given 2 beautiful children to a family that wanted them so badly, and also lost the ability to do that ever again for herself, or anyone else. Keisha was 25 years old at the time.

As the first anniversary of this sad day approaches, Keisha's partner, would like to ask a favor.

Keisha LOVES Ellen!!! Who doesn't, right!? We would love to get Keisha on The Ellen Show.

But, how can you help?

Easy!  Sign the Petition!!! Hit that twitter running!!! #GetKeishaToEllen is the hashtag of choice. Spread the word, retweet that ish, and most importantly, tell the lady herself @TheEllenShow

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