Kingston on Ellen

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Kingston’s story should be in the media! Not only is it a sweet story but it shows love and dedication. As a follower of his page I see what elliot did to get him safe! We all deserve a happy story in the media with everything going on!


Quote from his page: At the end of December I went on vacation through the carribean. We stopped in Jamaica and as an excursion I went with my dad to a horse ranch on a beach. While we were there this little underfed puppy popped out from under the deck. He was so small and clearly not taken care of. In that moment I knew I had to do something to save him. Once we got back I contacted a rescue in Jamaica and they were willing to help me rescue him and send him to me.My parents told me if I raised the money to get him here we could have him. Since my birthday was coming up I used that and set up a go fund me. It took just over a week and we did it! About a month later the rescue I was working with got him healthy and sent him here! Today he’s gained 4 pounds, he loves to play and cuddle! He’s the sweetest puppy you’ll ever meet! His instagram is @jamaican.pup

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