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Get Kinley On Ellen!

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This petition is to try to get the attention of the one and only, Ellen Degeneres. In our community we have a Mini Ellen. Kinley has the ability to turn someones day around. Her smile just brightens a room.  She spreads love and kindness, and has touched so many lifes.

Below, is some of Kinley's accomplishments, a little about her, and it also shows what a magnificent heart she has.

At the young age of 14, she has conquered and faced many obstacles in her life, but still sees the positive, and always smiles.

Kinley was born with a very rare medical condition. Panhypopituitarism, (absence of the pituitary gland), and Adrenal Insufficiency. The first two and a half months of her life was spent at Norton Children's Hospital. Those months were a complete rollercoater.

The hospital has been her second home, and to her, heroes wear scrubs and white jackets. Till this day Norton Children's Hospital is a revolving door. This years Thanksgiving was even spent at the hospital.

Depsite her setbacks, she marches on. Kinley created, Kinley's Helping Hands, in the fall of 2014. It all started with homemade pillows,and snowballed after that.

Kinley,will have her 4th, toy drive carnival in 2018. She has collected thousands of toys,and has donated over $50,000 to Norton Children's Hospital. Currently, Kinley is trying to raise $30,000 to renovate both playrooms on the 5th floor at Norton Children's Hospital .

Kinley, also had a part in creating, the Patient Assistance Fund, with Harrison County Community Foundation,and Norton Children's Hospital Foundation. It helps local families, with financial expenses during a hospitalization of their child.

During the month of November, a Radio-thon is held at Norton Children's Hospital. This event has gone on for nine years, Kinley has been apart of this event for seven. She looks foward to the fundraising event, every year.

Oh, that's not all, there's more.

Kinley made Christmas come true for a local family that wouldn't have had Christmas. This family, also deals with a child that is medically complex.

Kinley, also came into contact with another, family thay was going through a tragic time. Camden, was a 5 year old little boy that had terminal brain cancer. Camden, had a bucket list, and on that list was a powerwheels four wheeler. Kinley made that dream come true, and made a best friend as well.

A Parent Care Package Drive, was put into place in October. Kinley put donation boxes in local businesses,and even businesses outside the county. Toiletries, for parents were collected, and donated to families at Norton Children's Hospital. Parents, are usually not thought of, and Kinley decided to change that.

Kuddle Bears, are another creation of Kinley's giving heart. She makes homemade, pom pom teddy bears. They come with a birth certificate, and a letter. They are sent across the country,free of charge, to kids that may need something special.

As, you can see Kinley, is something special, a rare gem. She never ask for anything in return. She says, her reward is seeing a kid smile, knowing they probably weren't smiling before, is the greatest reward I could ask for.

Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition and please share it with others. As Kinley says, "Kindness Rocks!"

Not only does Kinley want to meet Ellen,but also her absolute favorite musician of all time. Jon Bon Jovi!

Email: kinleyshelpinghands@


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