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Petition to Kidspot asking for removal of article published on 10/10/2015

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TW: Child given up for adoption because he is Autistic

Kidspot have posted an article (TW applies to this link) with the title 'The day I was forced to give my autistic son away'.

It was originally posted with significant amounts of identifying information including the child’s name, photographs, links to the mother’s blog and extensive comments from the child’s mother on social media.

On 11 October 2015, Autistic Family Collective and other community members sharing our concerns, contacted Ms Walsh and Ms Carlton to request the removal of the article. Our original letter can be found here.

While we are pleased to receive a prompt response from Kidspot and they have subsequently changed names and removed photographs in order to protect the identity of the child, we are still concerned about the harmful perpetuation of stigma that Autistic people already face.

We firmly believe that this article contains details that degrade an Autistic child. In particular, the article places much of the blame for parental wellbeing and hardship on the Autistic child. Furthermore, seeing this shared widely on social media has been very disturbing for Autistic adults who have experienced parental abandonment.

While we agree that issues around a lack of support and funding are important to discuss, we strongly believe that these discussions can occur without degrading or blaming children.

Please sign our petition to request that this article be removed.

Autistic Family Collective is an advocacy group with over 150 members which was formed in 2015 in order to focus on promoting the rights of Autistic children, Autistic people and their families. The group is convened by a committed working team made up of Autistic people and allies.


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