We want to prevent the homeless Day Shelter at Bream church's Hubbard House building.

We want to prevent the homeless Day Shelter at Bream church's Hubbard House building.

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Elk City business owners & West side residents

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Started by Bobbi Holland

Re: American Rescue Act Plan Act funding applied for by Bream Memorial Church and the Religious Coalition for Community Renewal for the Hubbard House Building at 319 Washing on Street W. Charleston, WV.

On February 4th the majority of West side residents became aware for the first time that Bream Memorial Church was requesting funds for a day shelter for the homeless at 319 Washington St W in Charleston. A large group of West side residents showed up on Sunday, February 6th, 2022 to find out more information about this project in the middle of our neighborhood. After listening to the Church's plans and hearing from a representative for the Religious Coalition for Community Renewal we let it be known that the majority of us are against this application for the following reasons.

1.)    Our greatest concern is Bream has a thriving pre-school in that building and comingling homeless and young children is absolutely unacceptable. Several of the teachers and administrators from the school voiced their concerns on Sunday at the group meeting. They shared with us that already a homeless man had walked into the classroom on one occasion and on another got verbally abusive with the staff of the school. With Bream's plans of expansion to the homeless this is going to happen more often. Many homeless people are that way because of mental illness. Risking the safety of our youngest, most vulnerable neighbors is intolerable.  Also in the same vicinity at 218 Washington St W is the Elk City PIayhouse which features children's theatre and just down the street is Academy of Arts at January's. A dance studio for children. A great deal of private investment has been made for our children in this neighborhood. This move to expand the homeless presence will put their personal investments at risk along with the safety of the children that perform at these two facilities.

2.)    For the past decade our residents and business owners have put in a huge effort to turn this section of the West side around and we've made great progress. There are small businesses including thriving restaurants that are literally neighbors of this proposed homeless shelter. Their businesses will be destroyed and all the progress we've made in the last ten years will be for nothing.

3.)    Some of us have owned homes and businesses in this area for 40 and 50 years and for a homeless shelter to be considered without revealing it or discussing it with us in advance is deplorable. This is our neighborhood, not the Religious Coalition for Community Renewal's neighborhood. We have personal and business investments in this section of town since before many of you were born. We deserve a little respect.

By signing this petition,  we respectfully ask you to decline the application for the Homeless Day Shelter proposed at "Hubbard House building 319 Washington Street West, Charleston West Virginia 25302

23 have signed. Let’s get to 25!