Mothers Opposing Minors’ Separation (M.O.M.S)

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I simply can not. I can not read one more story of a child ripped from his mother’s arms unnecessarily. Scared. Afraid. Alone.

 The negative psychological impact of a child removed from his mother’s care is well documented. It increases exponentially when the removal is abrupt and traumatic, as in the case of Mirian G. Mirian was seeking political asylum in the United States to escape violence in Honduras, when her 18 month old son was torn from her arms by border patrol agents without explanation. Unable to comfort her crying baby, she watched helplessly as he was driven away. She did not see her son for over 2 months! As a mother, I can not fathom the fear and worry that would come from not knowing where my child would be taken, or if I would see him again. God willing, I will never know that kind of heartache. Sadly, Mirian’s story is not unique. There are mothers living this nightmare at this very moment.

 Please join me in letting Congress know that this barbaric and unconscionable practice is not acceptable:

We, the voting, tax-paying citizens of these United States of America, hereby demand that the grotesquely inhumane practice of separating minors from their parents at border control locations stop immediately. Regardless of their nationality, children deserve to sleep in the arms of their mothers, not detention centers or the home of a stranger. People seeking asylum are not the enemy. Hate is our enemy. Racism is our enemy. Ignorance is our enemy. Our ally must be love. 

“Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

 This is not a partisan issue. This is a humanitarian issue.

 Thank you.